Wish Enchants Box Office with $50 Million Collection in Just 5 Day

The enchantment began on November 8, as Wish graced 3,900 screens, conjuring an impressive $8.7 million on its opening day alone.

Behind the cinematic magic lies a significant budget of $200 million, covering production costs, advertising, and other expenses.

This triumph would firmly establish Wish as a resounding hit in the competitive realm of Hollywood productions.

Ariana DeBose lends her voice to the character Asha, joined by the talents of Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk, Angelique Cabral, and others who breathe life into this fantastical adventure.

The success of Wish not only affirms its place as a box office heavyweight but also underscores the enduring allure of animated fantasies in captivating audiences of all ages.

As the film continues its run, it remains to be seen how high this animated star will soar in the cinematic skies.

Wish weaves box office magic, conjuring a mesmerizing $50 million in just five days since its U.S. and Canada release on November 8.